• Ayodele Casel #SpeakingInDance | The New York Times

    @ayolives, a #tapdancer of unquestionable radiance, brought out her portable board and set the sidewalk on fire near her home in the Bronx, performing a phrase that she once improvised in a performance.

  • While I Have The Floor

    Ayodele Casel performs at "Broadway for Hillary" fundraiser at the St. James Theater in NYC on October 17, 2016.

  • While I Have The Floor

  • Communication

    Ayodele speaks on artistic expression.


    Shut Up And Dance - Walk the Moon (Morgan James Cover) Ayodele Casel on Tap

  • The Text

    The Text- Inspired by the dance films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, this short dance film explores this process of capturing dance.

  • The Text- Behind the Scenes

    Join Ayodele Casel and Anthony Morigerato as they discuss the process and influences behind this short film!

  • Acid

    a Dance Scene by Martin and Facundo Lombard

  • Fly Me to the Moon

    choreographed by Ayodele Casel and Anthony Morigerato

  • Ayo does Single Ladies

  • Music

  • N.Y.O.T.s at The White House

  • Good Lovin' at Tap Kids